July 25, 2020

Writer’s complaints

By aarondkey

My password for this site is 14 completely unconnected characters either smalls or capitals, letters, numbers and punctuation. I’m sure this is safe and will save me from being hacked but it will also save me from regularly writing a blog as I will never remember it. In theory changing your password is easy but damned if I can find out how to do it.

I have come to believe that the universe is protecting me from the perils of fame. A comfortable theory to explain the multitude of barriers that stand between me and sales. Nothing I touch works and it is unaccountable.

Amazon particularly hates me. I’ve tried small advertising campaigns just to see how they work and Amazon won’t let me look at the results. I tried writing to them to find out why their advertising campaign notification page doesn’t show any details and they wrote back and said they were doing some work on it and to use an alternative method of looking at it, which I have now forgotten how to do. That was about a year ago and the advertising campaign page is still not working. Also I have forgotten how to contact Amazon. I know there is a link somewhere to let me send them an email but I don’t know what it is. No phone calls for me for I am a second class citizen (ie. Not American.)

I wish there was a British equivalent of Amazon. I am particular concerned about my UK sales. The reviews on the British site are good which leads me to suspect that my writing is more attuned to the British market but how can I get them to buy? I don’t know. In a way I am relaxed about it because Herai was just my first attempt at writing a book and I’m prepared to admit it may have flaws. But if this continues into the next 7 books I will be unhappy.

It’s unfortunate because I have been reading the work in progress on the next four books and apart from a minor breakdown half way through Book 5 I think they are good. I’m proud of them.

All these issues work me up at 6.50am and ran round my brain like a hamster on a wheel which is why you’re getting them now. I assume that this blog is the way of getting myself noticed which is a shame because I’m rambling and showing myself off as the worst of humanity; self-pitying, ineffective, confused.

Never mind. The universe continues to protect me.