July 26, 2020

Learning to Use my Blog

By aarondkey

Somehow I pressed on a button and I ended up here writing a blog, with no plan. I’m flying by the seat of my pants. I’ve got to write now because I’m here and may never get here again.🤣

Then, I left it for a second and instead of the blog was on a page about a man walking down Oxford Street wearing only a mask, and by the look of the picture – not on his face but instead of a figleaf. Somehow scrabbling I made it back here and now I can’t stop to think in case I end up somewhere weird again.

Although I’m trying to watch the end of a film I keep trying to type a few words just to stop my phone from cutting out and returning me to the wilds of clickbait news.

It’s alright. The film’s finished now. I was watching “National Security” in an attempt to cheer myself up. A good funny film, I think. (But I’m prepared to be told I’m wrong. It’s been one of those days.)

I felt glum without reason. Perhaps it’s still struggling with the end of my second book. I feel that there’s an ending I could be proud of in there. I thought I’d cracked it the other day but now I’m not so sure. Another two months to go before the Editor is booked.

I will make it.

I am also slightly worried that my second book will suffer the same fate as the first i.e falling into obscurity. And then, what is the point of anything? This one is the backbone of the whole series.