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Author of the Wheel of Eight fantasy series. I’ve given the working titles for future books. These may change.

Book One. Herai” Published.

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How the powerful beings found themselves entangled in a city and its inhabitants. How one of the powerful beings found himself as a human .and found love. How he was cruelly robbed.

The rest of the humans fought a rebellion, fought a war, solved an attempted murder, stifled a coup, and had a bath – well one of them did.

Book Two. “Damon Ich” Published.

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Introduction to Herron, a blessed place, a sanctuary. Finding the city again. Finding the powerful beings again. They have stolen the city away to their own world. Damon Ich is asked by a revered ancestor to rescue the city inhabitants from the torture they suffer daily and their imprisonment in the dark caves of the city and his life will never be the same. It might even, have never been.

Book Three. “Stolid.” Now published May 2022

What happened when one of those beings was sent to earth. A life well lived.

Book Four. “Rael” Now Published April 2024.

The birth of Herron – a place of sanctuary.

Book Five. “Timon of London and Bath” Expected 2026? (Or read on my blog)

A search for an Uncle involving a trip to Scotland and mysterious strangers lurking in his house and tidying up.

Book Six???

In which anything can happen

Book Seven???

In which anything will happen if I write it before I die

Book Eight???

In which All things come to an End.