Herai! Further Information

I feel that there is some confusion for readers when they read Herai and I thought an explanation may help.


Glant – the city’s ruler. An old man. When he sheltered in the city with his wife and young son (Hilad) he didn’t realise that he would be there for life.

Koa – a healer who dreams of the outside he has only seen from the bottom of the growing caverns. He is on the verge of being a drunkard but his work keeps him on the right side of sobriety.

Monta – a wine producer who’s never seen a grape. He was found outside when younger and bought into the city. He was accused of murder when he was younger and has been living as a semi-outcast on the outskirts of the city. He has been good friends with Koa since childhood.

Herai – Glant’s youngest child. Herai has been living a dull and unimportant life until the start of this novel. Suddenly the uncertainty of who will succeed Glant sends their life into tumult.