March 4, 2020

Computers 2 and Further Tribulations of an Author who should not have been Indie

By aarondkey

OK. So I’ve had some lunch, well about 35 of them, and dinners because a month has gone by and I’m feeling fresh and positive.

I accidently bought a book called WordPress ALL-IN-ONE for Dummies, and in theory I am not a dummy. I should be able to understand it. So I am here again with two aims.

*To put links to my books into my website main page.

*To write down all the main passwords that I need (so I don’t waste half an hour everytime I sit down to look at this stuff.

An hour later I think I’ve managed a bit of 2) although I seem to have a password and username to “I don’t know what.” But I’ve got here and I’ve decided that someone’s definition of a dummy is different to my definition. I would attach a page from the book to illustrate my point but it would probably get me into copyright trouble but it is bad. It’s not so much being unable to follow instructions as just not understanding half the words in the book.

I may give up again and finalise editing Book 2 (probably called Damon Ich). I’m worried that I may be struck down in my prime and then the world will be forever deprived of the words, because I haven’t got a good friend like Kafka’s to ensure my legacy.

In further notes of the trials and tribulations of an Indie author I think I’ve finally managed to start an advertising campaign on Amazon for my first book Herai but in spite of several e-mails from Amazon saying it’s been moderated and accepted I don’t have an advertising console yet. Should I be panicking and trying to remember how to contact Amazon or should I be patient?

I’ve also read something which says that if you publish the paperbook through IngramSpark you may be able to get it in libraries and bookshops. I would like to do this and I can (because although the e-book is bound to be sold through Amazon because of it’s inclusion in Kindle Unlimited this does not include hard copies.) I also read somewhere that you need a budget of £20,000 to £30,000 to do this successfully. I hope this is not right.

Also I wrote to my editor about a week ago asking if the next book edit could be booked in for about 5 months time (because although it is substantially written I have a few issues with details that need resolving) and I haven’t heard anything back yet. I know that people have lives in which things happen so again I need patience but I’m getting stressed. Does my editor think my book (Manuscript Critique already done)is the biggest load of rubbish they’ve ever read and they’re trying to avoid it? Or are they too ill to continue their career as Editor for the foreseeable future, in which case I need to find another one? Or is this just a matter of having too much to do?

In a way it’s all irrelevant until the book is ready to go but I was really hoping to be publishing some time this year – and although I’ve gone through the process before, the timescale’s looking a bit tight.

I’m sounding a bit disorganised, and I am. But these are the trials and tribulations of a certain type of Indie Author (although other people seem to manage stuff OK.)

Still these mutterings may reassure other Indie Author that they have nothing to worry about compared to Aaron D. Key. On the other hand if anyone reads this and knows how to get a working link from amazon in your wordpress site please let me know.