Stolid Reviews

One night, while trying to find his way back home in the pouring British rain, Stolid, a young man is kidnapped by an overindulgent passerby whose responses only make the situation even more confusing. Thus, unfolding Aaron D. Key’s Stolid , the third book in the Wheel of Eight series.This perplexing abductor, seemingly non-threatening, seemed to know him already and wanted his companionship. Slowly the man tries to help Stolid recollect the incidences where the two of them might have come crossed paths before. This confounding walk down memory lane brings back painful memories and haunting demons of his past mistakes, who threaten to drown him in his misery, as he recollects his struggles with homosexuality and love while growing up. Time and again, this stranger crops up in various unrelated incidents of his life creating a web of unanswered questions and make him face with his darkest fears and insecurities at the perilous cost of his sanity.The positive points of the book would include some beautifully written lines such as, “ Being alone was like religion; it gave you less than you expected from it but with moments of ecstasy” , being only one of them. I loved the way the writer’s thoughts and reflections have emerged into the story and its characters. Such words not only force you to reflect on life with a deeper meaning and purpose, but breathe life and passion into the writer’s words. The characters’ thoughts felt very relatable and natural, sometimes giving words to your own feelings in an uncanny way … This books describes mental struggle and agony is a very novel and surprising way, that really adds to your perspective … I would recommend this book to the young adults to get a fresh perspective into mental health and in general workings of the human mind and to anyone who would like to open their mind to new ideas and experiences. (Thanks ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️