August 31, 2020

Well I really thought I’d got the hang of it – but no!

By aarondkey

I was doing well. I’d worked out how to do a blog. I’d even worked out how to amend pages on my website. At least I thought so but looking at it, it’s not how I thought I’d left it at all.

Then I thought I was spending too long on my phone and I tried to have a break.

A period of really feeling quite shit occurred – in which I realised what a snivelling rat I was. No fortitude, no cheerfulness in the face of adversity. I’m still there – though not as bad as it has been, but I’m still worried that Damon Ich will not be as good as I wanted it to be because my editing powers are limited. I’ve noticed a few annoying habits in my writing which I don’t think I’ve got time to completely correct. Still 28 days to go. I’m hoping for a miracle of some sort.

So I’ve moved to a tablet in which the layout of the dashboard is subtly different – just to confuse me. My first blog of the day, in which I discussed complexities of plot and time travel, disappeared and only the title appeared as a lonely sentry before I erased it. I can only assure you that it was really rather good but now I have to recreate it one day. I realised writing this that I don’t believe in time travel (just as I don’t believe in ghosts and many heated arguments have arisen as a result.) Please don’t tell Damon Ich. It would seriously lower his opinion of me and of course the whole plot.

Of course my lack of belief doesn’t matter, I argue. I don’t know everything. I don’t understand lots of things and I only believe they exist where I’ve seen or heard of the evidence like nuclear physics. So just because I haven’t seen evidence doesn’t mean time travel could happen, it could just be very carefully controlled and limited – as it is in Damon Ich. Anyway sorry for rambling.

I’m just posting to try and work out what I did wrong earlier. If this one also disappears I shall be mightily annoyed.

Should I always draft out blogs in word and then copy and paste them here? I will investigate the possibility.