September 1, 2020

Old Blogs Recovered

By aarondkey

I wanted to write a story where the main character could be seen as either male or female depending on the wishes or viewpoint of the reader. It seemed an interesting experiment to me to see the reactions of the readers.

I’m not sure it worked as the first two people who read the book assumed without question, and didn’t notice the fact that I had been very careful not to use any pronoun which would give it away. Other readers haven’t so far given me much feedback.

My own views may have influenced them. I know that it is so hard not to subconsciously think of the character without attributing qualities which may be seen as defining their sex. In my defense, at various points in writing the story, my own view was turned on its head.

I would very much like to hear feedback.

Addition to the blog since initially written. Reviewers are generally sure that Herai is Glant’s daughter or son. I think the balance is general in favour of daughter but still the ambiguity is present. I like it.