December 17, 2020

Pre-Launch of Damon Ich

By aarondkey

I am brimming over with subdued excitement and meant to add 4 lines to my ‘Things to do before Publishing’ blog (started off as 2.) These are:

Wait 6 – 7 days for your first draft paperback.

Check first draft hopefully be happy with that.

Click publish on Amazon (be told the price they advised you the other day has to be increased.)

Wait up to 72 hours for them to actual publish. And then sit and stew in a bubble of not exactly excitement more antici…..pation.

Meanwhile try to workout why you can’t download pictures on your blog (next job.)

Realise that you’ve let the development of your website slide, while being caught in the publishing jam. More work to be done.

Realise that all the people who said they couldn’t wait for the next in the series you have no way of contacting. Perhaps an email list is going to be necessary after all! No! No! No!