December 8, 2020

Memorandum for Publication.

By aarondkey

I published my first book five years ago (called Herai and I like it) and I’m trying to publish the second one now (Damon Ich pronounced “Damn on Ick”) – even though it was pretty well written when the first one was published. Why did it take so long, I hear you ask?

Illness and a lack of funds are the honest answer. I was hoping after the first one was published to make enough money to contribute to the cost of publishing the second. It was a forlorn hope!

In fact I can safely say that the taxman will be waiting a long time if he is hoping for me to help boost the public purse.

But any way, I have saved up my pennies and it is time to tackle the publishing minefield again. I promised that I would write myself a list, so here it is, perserved in digital form so I can’t lose it and perhaps it may be useful to others. Tasks with estimated author input time.

  1. Write a book (?2 weeks to 20 years)
  2. Get a manuscript critique.
  3. Edit the shit out of said book (1 to 5 years)
  4. Get a proper editor in (1 month) but book well in advance.
  5. Check the edits and produce the perfect manuscript (3 weeks?)
  6. Get the cover design going (c. 1 day)
  7. Send the perfect manuscript to formatters (if using)
  8. Enter details into KDP for ISBN if paperbacking. Needs to be on the cover and inside information.
  9. Remember the 4 or so pages before the book starts, dedication, author description, other books written, title. (1 day)
  10. Remember the few pages after the book ends, the exhortation to review, the building excitement about the next book. (1 day)
  11. Write a book description. This needs to go on the cover as well as in the KDP details.(1 week?)
  12. Tagline or review quote for the front of the cover (1 day)
  13. Check the formatted document. Get files and store them somewhere SAFE
  14. Check the cover. Get files and store them somewhere SAFE.
  15. Enter all the details into KDP.
  16. If Paperbacking, order trial copies to make sure they are perfect and if so publish the book, paperback and e-book.

I have a feeling that some people don’t go through all these stages, and one day I may be fly enough to be one of them but for now this is my memorandum. Until I remember anything I’ve forgotten.

Damon Ich should be available in the next few weeks, xmas and pandemic allowing.

Get it while it’s hot!