December 19, 2020

Damon Ich

By aarondkey

Dammon Ick (that’s going to drive me mad. I knew I should have changed the spelling) is now live and available for purchase. I know someone called Damon, and I’m sure I told him it was nothing to do with him – written years before I knew him. I should have put that paragraph in about not being based on real people but I never dreamed it would be an issue.

I have tried my best to tell everyone I think will like it about the release where I remember their name. I have a terrible feeling that I’ve forgotten loads of people and ballsed up another release. I’ll get it right by the 8th Book!

I have the ambition that I will create a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Note for how to do this properly in the future. It would be deeply ironic and bad for the state of the world, and my mind if this dull treatise end up selling better than my actual beloved books but judging by experience it may well do – if I write it.

I’ve just found out that someone reads my blogs and I am mightly heartened. If one person does and has bothered to get in touch (Hello!👋) perhaps others do as well. I might have to try harder and stop just dribbling out the content of my mind willy-nilly.

Anyway, if anyone is really reading this perhaps you would like to experience my reading style further. Here is my latest book. I like it. It’s free today 19th and tomorrow 20th so you’ve nothing to lose.

USA link. Might work wherever you are. Let me know😉