December 21, 2020

Pictures and Criminal Gangs!

By aarondkey

A massive step forward has been made in my blogs, and a massive step back too.

I can finally use pictures which is the great thing.

The bad thing is that I’ve got it into my head that a criminal gang is using my blog comments to send messages to each other. I read too much Sherlock Holmes when I was young and I have too much imagination. I’m sad about this because the messages I was getting, sounded positive about my blog, but really not relevant. Like saying I was providing great tips in a blog discussing the nature of #Herai. I was sucked in for a while and really thinking that people were enjoying my blog but now I have accepted that these comments were spam – and just in case you are an innocent person providing genuine feedback I’m sorry but I will not be approving these comments in the future, unless it is obvious you have read and understood the Blog. World – you have disappointed me. See my disappointed face.

Anyway onto happier news. Have a picture.

Liners in Dock in the Pandemic.
Liners in the bay in a pandemic
More Liners in the Bay in 2020 Pandemic

There will be probably a lot more pictures like these. Note how I switched from ‘the Pandemic’ to ‘2020 Pandemic’. I think pessimism is settling in.