December 29, 2020

Damon Ich Progress

By aarondkey

82 people bought Damon Ich when it was free, and 6 glorious people actually paid for it. The trouble with launching a book before Christmas in the middle of a worsening pandemic is that no one has time has time to read a good book, and certainly no time to write a review to let the poor anxious author know what they thought of it. At least this is how I am reassuring myself.

Somebody even read 4 pages through Kindle Unlimited before Christmas and nothing since. That doesn’t bode well. Even more worrying someone read 156 (KU normalised pages) of Herai and then stopped. Why? You can not help wondering. Did something happen in the book that they didn’t like? Or did they find the joy of reading not outweighed by the effort … or did they die? Normally my thoughts would not wonder down these dark alleyways but the times are not propitious.

Anyway in brighter news a fellow author whose writing I admire has said that they are going to read my book and write a review. So this may start the ball rolling. Hope springs eternal, hope like a bird on a branch singing to itself. In a way it doesn’t matter I try to console myself. We are all dust in the end. Even more dust than our mortal remains, I mean. In the long term civilisation will end and every human endeavour will be as nought. Every scrap of knowledge we have acquired, every joy we have shared, every creative juice moistened, every heart touched – lost.

This is what I get like when I think my books are not appreciated so if you’ve got a copy (free or otherwise) please let me know what you think.