August 25, 2018

A Sudden Realisation of Clarity and Hope.

By aarondkey

I was listening to My life, My love as sung in Mamma Mia; Here we go again. I think it is clear in this film that the lyrics refer to a parents love for a child.

Then out of curiosity I listened to the same song sung by Abba. Although I am not an avid Abba fan (so can’t say this is definite) but my view changed. The lyrics seemed to be sung by one human, newly in love, to the object of their love. And it felt strong and all to familiar.

My older and more cynical self interrupted – but no person should be able to generate that feeling. No person is that worthy. No one person can really change the world to that extent. So where does the feeling come from? It must be lurking in the heart of the one who loves.

And if it’s lurking there then it should be possible to activate it without the presence of the loved one.

This was my radical thought. And I’m going to investigate it until the logical conclusion becomes reality.

Thanks Abba.

It helps if you listen to the music while reading the lyrics. Perhaps you would have the realisation too. I’d love to hear your views.

“I’ve never felt this strong
I’m invincible, how could this go wrong?
No, here, here’s where we belong
I see a road ahead
I never thought I would dare to tread
Like an image passing by
My love, my life
In the mirror of your eyes
My love, my life
I can see it all so clearly
All I love so dearly
Images passing by
Like reflections of your mind
My love, my life
Are the words I try to find
My love, my life
But I know I don’t possess you
With all my heart, God bless you
You will be my love and my life
You’re my one and only
I held you close to me
Felt your heart beat
And I thought: I am free
Oh yes, and as one are we
In the now and beyond
Nothing and no one can break this bond

Thoughts of Aaron.D.Key

Fantasy Author