August 23, 2018

Some Hope

By aarondkey

I have had an interesting time as Herai was the book of the day on the 18th July 2018 with the onlinebookclub.

I have to admit that this didn’t result in the massive number of sales that I might have hoped for but as the book has been virtually ignored for over a year the experience has given me new hope.

A few sales means more to me than a million sales could mean to a best-selling author.

Also, as part of The Book of the Day program 10 pages of the book were sent to 50 random onlinebook club reviewers for their opinions on whether the cover, the blurb and the sample would tempt them to want to read the book and the results were hugely reassuring to me. There were a lot of ‘No’ answers but 18% said ‘Yes’. I’m very happy with this number.

The lack of interest I have experienced in the massive sea of amazon where my little raindrop has suffered from my rubbish and disorganised marketing attempts led me to believe: that the title was wrong, the story was too complicated, that the cover was inadequate, that my writing style was awful and the whole project was doomed to be a complete failure. Now I am reassured. Some people hated my writing admittedly, but other people liked it – odd and unique, different and refreshing (I think they liked it.)

The title and the cover definitely didn’t seem to be a turn off. Quite a few people really liked the cover. I did myself, many thanks to Design for Writers.

All in all I am greatly cheered up; with more determination to get to grips with the marketing and to finish editing the second book in the series.

The next book is really going to blow their minds, I cannot help but gloat.

By Aaron D.Key