May 8, 2017

WordPress – Blogging I still don’t get it.

By aarondkey

Well surprise, surprise the draft blog I was bemoaning still exists on my old phone. I have retrieved it and am wondering whether I should have. It is typical ‘I can’t sleep because I’ve had four coffees and a large late meal dribble.’

But then what is a blog? Perhaps that is exactly what they are?

What I don’t understand with blogs is how the hell you’re supposed to find them in the infinite mess that is the sea of the Internet. I call it a sea because to me it is as unknowable.

I am a beachcomber. I walk along the edge of the sea and admire the things the sea has deposited for me to admire. Even if I swam in the sea I’d never notice the huge immensity of life, of crap, of joyous beautiful things floating in its belly.

I’ve come a long way from the frustrating first attempts when the words I wrote vanished into thin air. I’ve mastered simple writing but now I hear rumours of layout being important, of style and I can’t even get pictures to stay where I want them.

How does WordPress choose what blogs to show me? Did I ever choose them or is it random? And if it’s random how and why? While I’m on the subject what the hell is happening in Facebook. I don’t know. It’s lurking there just like a stranded shark nibbling at my toes. I’m trying to ignore it until the nibbling gets too painful – but if I pay it attention will I lose a leg? I’m genuinely afraid and I’m trying to apologise now to anyone who’s followed me on Facebook. I may not have good Facebook manners. I’d rather not have any Facebook manners at all. I long for a world in which I never need to touch it.

It’s a day for long extended metaphors for which I’m sorry. But there’s something quite nice about them.

By Aaron D.Key

Fantasy Author