May 8, 2017

Herai!! Slow progress

By aarondkey

February 2017

Well I’m hoping this is the lowest point of being a self-published author. It turns out unless you’re well known that it’s harder to sell your thoughts, your imagination than it is to sell old rope.

That is not to say that I am not eternally grateful to the fourteen people who have bought the book. I am but I’m still in the dark as to their enjoyment or otherwise of the book. With the exception of Lytton (a man of exquisite taste)’s review I do not know whether I’ve written 130,000 words of drivel unlikely to appeal to most people or a little gem, just waiting to receive the recognition it deserves.

May 2017

A few more sales later, three more Amazon reviews, one of them not good, and a blogger’s review of dubious enthusiasm and I am still in the dark. Undeterred I am carrying on with Book 2. I love Book 2. Everything hangs on Book 2 in that none of the subsequent books will make sense without it. It makes me slightly nervous because I have heard an opinion that simplicity above all things is desirable. Book 2 is anything but simple. I have always had an admiration for “Holes” by Louis Sachar. To my mind that has perfect plotting and simplicity. Book 2 is nothing like that. There are so many twists and turns of fate it is more like a maypole after the dance is finished.

I wonder if there are people who do not understand that metaphor, people who have never seen a maypole, never danced round a maypole. I did recently by some random chance and it was fascinating to see how when the dance was done properly (well reasonably given we were all untrained) and in order how beautifully the maypole was wrapped in interlacing coloured ribbon. This is not a simple thing – but it still has beauty.

This is what I am hoping for Book 2. A complicated thing might still be a thing of beauty – hopefully not quite so garish but that is all in the choosing of the right coloured ribbons.

After I wrote this another review came in which made me feel much more positive.

Book 2 has now started the editing process with anticipated timescales.

  1. Critical appraisal by the author May/June 2017
  2. Manuscript critique by the editor July/August 2017
  3. Author panics and does extensive revisions August/September 2017
  4. Beta reader inputs (and if anyone would like to be one of these let me know.) August/September 2017
  5. Come up with a title
  6. Cover Design October/December
  7. Copy edit to iron out subtle problems October/December
  8. A perfect result.
  9. Formatting and preparation for publishing. January/February 2018

It is not a quick process I’m afraid and is only a best case scenario. I’m going to start typing up the others (3 and 5 and finishing 4) in the free time as this was what delayed me this time.

By Aaron D.Key

Fantasy Author