July 28, 2020

Successful Authors To Do list (Further Blog Meanderings)

By aarondkey

So the pen option at the end seems to let me change the title page – eventually, it is not a simple process.

And the + sign sign and blogs and some other messing around gets me to draft blogs so I no longer have to publish half- finished blogs. I’m sure all of you ‘invisible readers’ are greatly relieved.

Just need to sort out photos and we’re nearly there.

Still to do on my ‘successful author’s to do list’ is

  • Set up an email list and create interesting and fascinating articles to send to them
  • Set up a direct selling link (ever hopeful)

Is there any thing else I’ve forgotten?

How about listing every review I’ve ever received on a page on my website? One for each book, perhaps. Is that too much? (I definitely should do this in Amazon too but there’s a website that definitely hates me.) Haven’t worked out how to get to other pages on my own website yet so that’s for the future.

Have a dead seagull! Why not? That photo worked.