September 23, 2017

Damon Ich – A teaser

By aarondkey

Decided to re-release this as obviously my previous bout of enthusiasm didn’t last very long.

This was September 2017. Sorry🙄

So I’ve recovered from my brief period of demotivation and despair. I know I’ve got at least two good books waiting to go and another two which need a bit of work. That’s a good situation to be in. Although what I really want is to stop editing and to start writing again. I ought to do it anyway.

Now Book 2 is waiting to be tidied up. Am I alone in finding spring and autumn my most productive times?

I want to tell you about Book 2 but it’s so hard to describe without giving away spoilers but I will try.

In the beginning we meet a gardener. A gay man who has recently lost his long term partner to cancer. He is not coping well. He has withdrawn from society, company and spends hours imagining a different life.

He tells us the story of this different life. In it a character similar to him, but younger, has a task to do. We learn about the success or otherwise of this task and then we return to the gardener.

It gradually becomes apparent that the task is not completely imaginary. His own life and the imagined life become entangled, both in his mind and reality?

That is as much as I can tell you without giving too much away.

And Book 3. Although I plan that this can be read as entirely self sufficient I will not tell you anything about the plot until you’ve had a chance to read Book 2.

I hope at least some of you will be intrigued and look for this book. It’s working title is “Damon Ich” but I acknowledge that catchy titles are not my strong point.

By Aaron.D.Key

Fantasy Author