September 11, 2017

Book 2 Contemplated

By aarondkey

What’s it all about really?

I mean self publishing. I mean it’s a nice dream but the odds are stacked against you. You really need to get into bookshops for the browsing public. But unless you’re prepared to take a gamble and print a sizeable number off the cost is prohibitive. And even then bookshops order from weird warehouses I’ve never even heard of so how am I going to get my books in there.

To self publish a fiction book successfully I think an author needs to have worked in a bookshop and the publishing industry.

And then there are the constant questions

* Does this book even deserve to be published?

* Would more people like it if they had read it?

* Is there really a market for a book like this?

* How should I best promote it?

Am I going to get it right before I die? Cheerful thought of the day. Not imminently expected but the ultimate deadline.

By Aaron D.Key

Fantasy Author