August 25, 2022

Reality in an Unreal place

By aarondkey

Sometimes though, he grew tired of his own careful approach to life and purposely he did things that were stupid and not well thought out. He nearly always regretted these things after although it might be that the ones he regretted were only the most memorable.

Now he thought of it, it was one of these moments in which he had decided to act as Paris’s father and that had been one of the best decisions of his life although he had not thought so in the first few years of sleepless nights, or in the middle of many a teenage strop when he felt like tearing his hair out feeling it ‘sharper than a serpent’s tooth to have a thankless child.’

Lying here looking at Gerard the desire was a deep down pleasurable pain which was a troubling concept. Not pain because he was anticipating future loss or alienation, just because the desire was too great to be realised. It was by its very nature a lost cause, an unrealistic dream. Knowing that didn’t stop it though and he wanted the yearning pain: that more than anything else gave his life meaning.

Gerard woke up, looked at him through bleary eyes and grinned as if he remembered the liberties he had taken.

“I wonder what we’ll do today,” Timonthy said, his tone expectant of a dull day.

“You should go and see Koa, so he can check you are recovered from yesterday,” Gerard advised as he gathered his clothes together and began to dress. “Do you think I ought to?” Timonthy mused uncomfortably.

“Yes, I do. It hopefully will put your mind at rest, or at least ensure that Koa can advise you. He’s not a bad man, I know that you do not like him at the moment but I think that you could be good friends one day.” It was probably because he felt that Koa was trying to take the place of his good friend Johnathon that Timonthy did not like him but he acknowledged the truth of Gerard’s comments.

“Then I will go to see him,” he shrugged as he too prepared to get up. He hated being prodded and stared at but he was prepared to make the sacrifice to try and capture his dream of the future.

“And what are you planning today?” he asked Gerard as he came back from the bathroom, knowing that he had already anticipated boredom in this place.

“I was planning on talking to you,” Gerard said as if still considering the matter.

“There is a lot for us to talk about,” Timonthy agreed. “Especially now I have offered to help you establish yourself again.”

“I’m very grateful for any help you can give me. I have a feeling that life in England is not as simple as it used to be.”

“We will have a lot to do,” Timonthy considered. “I wonder if there is anywhere here flat enough for me to teach you to drive. That would occupy a few hours pleasantly.”

“Best to ask Peter or Stolid,” Gerard suggested. “They may be there at breakfast. I would really like that.” They made their way to the same hall they had eaten dinner in the night before and made a selection from the tables laid out at the side.

There was plenty of the bread Timonthy had tasted before out of Will’s lunch basket, butter, eggs and fruit. Timonthy was not sure it was a healthy diet but he was enjoying it. “Are we late again?” he asked Gerard quietly. “Probably most people have already breakfasted,” he said considering, “but there is no set time for being here.”

Paris and Lizzie came into the hall as he finished speaking and joined them after they’d gathered some food.

“How did you sleep?” Timonthy asked for something to say.

“Really well after all that travelling,” Paris answered and Lizzie looked down. She did not want to know about his night, Timonthy gathered from her reticence.

“Do we have any plans for today?” she settled for asking instead. “Not really,” Timonthy pondered. “I was going to ask whether there was anywhere I could try teaching Gerard to drive but that’s only one option. I need to find Peter or Stolid first.”

“Yan asked me to take him swimming,” Paris offered.

“I suppose I could ask Elena if she’s planning any shopping today, if the rest of you are busy,” Lizzie said with a sigh of resignation. Timonthy had another coffee while he waited for the others to finish eating and then they rose together. “I wonder where everyone is.” Lizzie wondered.

“I expect Peter has gone to work,” Gerard said. “He usually leaves early. I think you will find Elena and Yan in the fourth floor of the tower and Stolid somewhere in the garden.”

“Here she is?” they all heard Yan’s excited voice as he ran into the hall.

“Hello, Paris. I’ve been looking everywhere for you. You got up so late.”

“Excuse my son,” Elena said, following him into the room. “He doesn’t mean to be rude. He’s just excited to see you again, Paris. He’s going to annoy you today I think but just tell him firmly to leave you alone if it gets too much.