December 9, 2016


By aarondkey

I want to share a story which is too long for 140 characters so I am going to try to blog again.

I don’t know what I’m doing. This does not look as it should. But let’s give it a go.

So the last stage in publishing Herai is here. For all those potential book publishers amongst you (Experts please skip this part) this consists of 3 parts for me. 

  • Publishing the e-book with Amazon
  • Publishing the paper book with Createspace (a print on demand POD service)
  • Publishing the e-book on some other (dim and distant) platforms

Now when I get stages 1 & 2 finished I will launch the book. This should probably involve black tie and champagne but will actually consist of me telling you I’ve published Herai on twitter and a nice cup of tea.

So progress to date:

The e-book is on Amazon. I have actually sold one copy and it has gone to my head. If I find out who bought it I will shower kisses down upon you and eternal love. Whoever you are I really hope you are enjoying the read, or will at some stage enjoy the read and perhaps even (Optimistic head on) write a review which isn’t completely damning. 

At this point I am not advertising the availability of the e-book because apparently it’s really unprofessional to not have the paperback version out at the same time.

It’s close…so close. There was some dispute involving trim size (which to ordinary mortals means how big the book is) the colour of the pages, and expanded distribution (no I do not know what this is either.) This morning I actually phoned up America (for the first time in my life) to speak to Createspace to confirm that I want cream pages. Go and look at every book you’ve ever read -almost certainly on cream pages. Who would have thought?

When they have approved my proposal I can order the first copy of the paperback to check that all is perfect. And then Bob’s your uncle. Champagne and black tie time or at least a synchronised cup of tea.

I anticipate four/five days depending on postage times from the USA. 

Then I will turn my attention to marketing (sigh) and book2, book3, (problematic) book4, and book5. Also the only-dreamt-of book6, book7 and book8. Because all good things come in eights.