December 14, 2016

Nearly there…

By aarondkey

I was so excited to get my proof copy of Herai in the post. I thought I just had to check it and it would be there for anyone to buy. 

But it takes 3-5 days to transfer the information from Createspace (the paperback creators) to Amazon (the retailers). 

What I was imagining in my novice way that I could tweet about Herai ‘s availability today and even give the links to purchase it. I am really hoping that someone will purchase it.What I’m really hoping for is that someone will enjoy it and perhaps write a review. Though even a terrible review would be great after being an unread writer for so many years.

Sales are currently up to 2 using just the amazon search engine. In a week! Lovely but won’t keep me in baked beans. And neither of them have written a review yet. Admittedly it’s a long book (501 pages in the paperback version, it varies in e-books depending on how large you make the font) but it’s a horrible feeling imagining these silent readers’ possible reactions. I could read it in 3 days. In fact I did twice recently, proof-reading. But I was keen and not diverted by a world of alternative sources of entertainment.

“Patience is a virtue that I ain’t got” used to be my catchphrase. I will sit on my fingers, not nibble the fingernails, for another few days and so, I’m afraid, must you – the eager book-buying public of my imagination.