January 31, 2017

A Scare

By aarondkey

I have been editing Herai for so long that the other day when I decided it was time to look at Book 2, I had a scare. It wasn’t on my laptop. My writing netbook had died in the last year. Neither was it sitting on any of the 3 memory sticks I could have sworn contained everything I had ever saved on a computer.

Even worse the paper copy I found seemed to be missing the beginning which was fundamental to half the plot and thus presumably the half of the plot it referred to. The spine was beginning to tingle.

A foot lower in the pile of paper and relief flooded back. All I need to do now is retype 300,000 words.that’s a good opportunity for a pruning.

Update: A year later I found someone to transfer my old hard drive (in the broken computer) to a new computer. Happy Days!!

Two years later I found the flash drive with all the stories on. Better late than never. Oh, to be disorganised!

By Aaron D.Key

Fantasy Author