September 25, 2020

A ‘Rubbish’ Writer’s Dilemma

By aarondkey

I continue to deny that I am a rubbish writer, in spite of the evidence from the marketplace. I like to think that I am a reasonable writer with chronic marketing skills. I spoke in a previous blog about my hopes for a new Amazon advertising campaign – and my hopes have been dashed. 25 clicks and no sales! Somebody read 19 pages through Kindle Unlimited. I assume they didn’t like it because that was it.

I have dreams, one day, of re-writing Herai – just slightly to remove the clunkiness that some reviewers have mentioned. Having got Damon Ich down from 130,000 words to just under 100,000 I think I could do it. I see a new job as my books’ personal trainer.

But I am concerned that what I really am is a relic of a previous age. That anything I write is outdated, irrelevant to the modern world. Everyday I read things on twitter that make me realise that I am like an untethered astronaut falling away from home and safety. It has always been the case that the old (I’m not old but the world has made me feel that way) have felt that the world is changing too quickly around them, and in this internet era that has been accelerated beyond belief.

So I am motivated by a delusion that I am writing for perpetuity. Perhaps one day I may be appreciated and until that time I will just have to appreciate myself.

In a slightly more positive frame of mind I think a new book description is called for. The current one is well under-performing against a rumoured standard of one sale per 10 clicks. If I could ever write a suitable book description that encourages 1 in 10 viewers to buy I will improve the advertising campaign. No point in doing it before then, just wasted expense.