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August 20, 2021

Book 5/ Release 7.

They walked back across the top of the hill with the whole town at their feet. The hill was a wide open space of grassland. Timonthy appreciated the fresh air. He had lived too long in a city, he mused. He loved the amusements of the city; the theatres, the shops, and restaurants but concrete and stone was wearing on the soul: not that you […]

July 14, 2021

Book 5 Further Tastes

“Perhaps I was impatient. I had waited twenty six years already. I suppose that’s enough to make a man impatient.” “Surely you just didn’t sit and wait all those years? Surely you would have gone and found someone else to make you happy?” “No, I wasn’t unhappy all that time. For years I was enjoying myself watching you growing up. It’s only been since your […]

July 13, 2021

Book 5 Teaser

“I’m worried about Uncle Stolid, Timonthy.” Paris said as they sat together drinking hot chocolate, settling down for the night. “No-one knows where is he is. He went to Scotland to try for a job before Xmas. He e-mailed me that,” “And me,” Timonthy interrupted. “That’s the last anyone’s heard of him,” she continued and bit her lip. “He’s never been the same since Uncle […]