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September 29, 2022

The Scottish deception is revealed.

“Don’t tell me, it’s Stolid,” Timonthy said heavily. “Well he didn’t definitely say that. He only once referred to his brother by name. It was something like Dammon. Is there anyone else here with that name, Gerard?” “No,” Gerard shook his head miserably. “No-one else.” Paris looked as though she was going to carry on with her story but she paused as Peter came towards […]

September 22, 2022

It’s an Enigma.

They reached the doors of the great hall and Timonthy tried to voice his concerns before they entered and everyone could hear him. He knew that Gerard was looking at him with an expression of concern but he had to speak. “Stolid is…not himself,” he settled for. “He hasn’t been right since Johnathon died.” “I understand that better than you can imagine,” Peter replied. “Although […]

September 15, 2022

Learning to drive in a small space

“I’m hoping you know the way,” he settled for saying. The journey to Scotland, their eventual arrival in a clearing in the woods – it was all settling vaguely in his mind “It was this way,” Gerard said and they began walking along the lake edge again. As they crossed over the grass covered bridge Timonthy pursed his lips and shook his head. He remembered […]

September 8, 2022

The Mystery of Johnathon

That made Timonthy think: it must be a trick or Johnathon must have told Stolid in some unguarded moment. “Stolid doesn’t know. You can ask him if you can find him,” Koa’s voice was just a trace on the wind now. Or Lizzie must have told Koa. Timonthy could imagine Koa wheedling secrets from her just to impress him with the ludicrous story. It was […]

September 1, 2022

Stolid Falls Apart With an Unusual Delusion

“I’m sorry I wasn’t here when you arrived but hopefully you found everything you needed. We’re not used to guests and I imagine that Stolid has some plan for you but if not I would feel guilty about leaving you to your own devices but perhaps that is what you would prefer.” “Do you know where Stolid is?” Lizzie asked. “I suppose we ought to […]

August 25, 2022

Reality in an Unreal place

Sometimes though, he grew tired of his own careful approach to life and purposely he did things that were stupid and not well thought out. He nearly always regretted these things after although it might be that the ones he regretted were only the most memorable. Now he thought of it, it was one of these moments in which he had decided to act as […]

August 18, 2022

Peter’s Unexpected Evening of Entertainment.

Stolid excused himself and left the room at this point. Peter watched him with an enigmatic look on his face. Stolid made him sad as well as the contemplation of his work, Timonthy realised. It was typical of human nature that a man who had good health, probably excessive wealth, a beautiful property, a wife and son who appeared to love him and something to […]

August 11, 2022

Learning About Peter

As Koa walked beside Peter he made an urgent and discrete hand gesture which Timonthy took to mean drink up quickly. He had nearly finished anyway so he slowly downed the dregs and put the tankard back on the table wondering how Koa thought the smell of the ale would not be noticed. “Anyone for Ginger Beer?” Koa asked, and poured some in his own […]

August 4, 2022

Was it the Good Stuff?

He produced a jug from under the table with a quick look to make sure no-one was looking. Timonthy finished the water in his stoneware tankard and pushed it forwards next to Gerard’s. Koa poured out four tankards with a furtive air and pushed two of them back. He lifted his own mug and clinked it against Gerard’s in the air. They had done this […]

July 28, 2022

Gerard – The Illegal Immigrant.

Timonthy was thinking the same way. Imagining a life in which, after a suitable holiday just to make sure that he wasn’t being premature, he took Gerard home. He would probably marry him if he agreed, just to avoid the endless questions and confusion. It made him happy imagining introducing him in that way. It wouldn’t even matter to him if the marriage lasted, although […]