Tag: #gayromance

December 3, 2021

Book 5 Extract 19

He knew he wanted to have sex. He was reasonably clear on that: in spite of the fact that Lizzie and his daughter would be back any minute; that a woman called Elena and a man called Will were around potentially demanding his attention; that he really had no idea whether Gerard was interested; that he could see no reason why he would be; he […]

November 29, 2021

Timon (Book 5) / Extract 18.

“I’m sorry,” Timonthy said. He had a sudden thought. He could see now that Gerard was not stupid but he was very far from interacting with his environment normally. It reminded him of another time: an evening in the week when Paris was young: six or seven. He picked up the phone and felt his heart sink as Stolid said, “Hi, it’s me.” Stolid never […]

November 11, 2021

Book 5/16

They both looked transfixed for a moment staring upwards. The coastguard helicopter was travelling quite low overhead. It was an impressive sight, Timonthy acknowledged, but Gerard’s enthusiasm in particular seemed a bit overdone, almost childlike. Timonthy carried on dressing. He was disappointed. He liked the look of Gerard but he would find it hard to really appreciate a man without full mental capacity. Not that […]

November 4, 2021

Book 5 Extract 15

From the sound of it, the man was in the hallway, near the stairs. With that thought he got up quickly almost upsetting his tea and walked back through the living room to the hallway. When he got there he stopped in surprise. There were two men there. Neither of them looked like the criminals he was subconsciously expecting in spite of Lizzie’s common sense […]