June 11, 2023

Hope and Reality setting in again

By aarondkey

Last month I had the best ever month I’ve ever had for book sales and Kindle Unlimited pages read. I had no idea why this was the case but I hoped that I’d finally reached some sort of new level : perhaps books published, reviews on Amazon. We are not talking about mega income. I think my best ever performing month was £12.00. Yippee! We eat tonight.

Anyway I dared to hope that now I’d reached this new level, sales and reads would continue but June has shown me I was unduly optimistic. Back to normal. The world is happy to pretend I don’t exist. Shame!

I’m working on my latest book “Rael”, and briefly I was optimistic that there might be a welcoming market for it. Now I have no such hope but I’m carrying on with it. The whole story has to be told!

Funny how a brief spell of a modest success can make the world seem so very tawdry!

Anyway, in the meantime I’ve had a good idea – a bit off the wall – for Book 6. I’m thinking of calling it “Gerard is let loose.” I probably won’t though. To keep in with my one name, style of titles. It might just be “Gerard.”

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